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Matthew Butera

Founder & Managing Director of Stacked Digital & IG Prospector. Podcast Co-Host for The No-Show Podcast.

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About Me

My passion for creativity and entrepreneurial ventures began when I was 14, at the time I was creating logos and designing YouTube banners for pocket money whilst still in high-school.

It was the inevitable that I would continue down the road of marketing and design.

My creativity leaked into other industries where I began operating multiple nightlife and event companies in some of Melbourne’s most popular venues.

Creative juices aren’t something that is developed, but something you are born with.

From its humble beginnings as a solo freelancing gig, Stacked Digital has grown into a global company with a dedicated team of 5 professionals. Today, we proudly serve clients across Australia, Canada, the United States, Germany, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, and India. And now, with the launch of Leafy Growth, our specialized Tree Service Marketing division, we’re ready to take our expertise to new heights and help tree removal businesses thrive in the digital world.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of open communication. We strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome and respected, whether you are a client or a team member.

We are excited to help businesses grow and reach their potential online. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your goals.

What I Do

Learn more about what I'm apart of and what I am passionate about

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Stacked Digital

Stacked Digital is a digital marketing agency that started as a way to help businesses with their online presence and has since grown into a full-service agency that offers a wide range of digital marketing services and products.


Stacked Labs

The #1 edge business owners are using to increase conversions

The No-Show Podcast

Hosts Matthew Butera & Ian Teh started the No-Show Podcast because we were sick of being sick and tired of the same old advice out there. We wanted to cut through the noise and get to heart and depth of what it really takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

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IG Prospector

IG Prospector is a software tool designed to automate Instagram prospecting. It uses an AI-powered DM Bot to target, connect with, and qualify leads efficiently through personalized messaging and interaction strategies. The software also offers efficient back-office management to organize and track prospects, aiming to significantly enhance lead generation and customer engagement on Instagram.

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